print media

Developing brochures, advertisements, newspapers and fact sheets to inform and persuade audiences.  
In addition to working with these platforms, I have collaborated with professional designers to create postcards, posters and banners. 

At Leepfrog Technologies, I created the content and layout for new print marketing materials. 

Leepfrog needed new conference materials to highlight three product lines and how they fit together. 

Working with a graphic designer, we developed a folder with information about the entire CourseLeaf suite that could hold fact sheets about the individual products that make up the suite. 


 At EBE Technologies, I write and design advertisements for newspapers and magazines. 

I work with advertising managers at publications to develop EBE's annual media campaign with new ads running every month.  





At The University News, Saint Louis University's student run newspaper with a weekly circulation of approximately 6,000, I managed the production of 54 newspapers and 10 special sections in two academic years. 


To produce these weekly 12-page editions as well as online content, I supervised a staff of 21 editors, 43 staff members and four advertising representatives. I wrote breaking new content and designed the front page and additional pages using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.


The newspaper was awarded "best overall newspaper" by the Missouri College Media Association in 2011. In my two years as editor-in-chief, the newspaper saw an increase of 36 percent in readership and a 25 percent increase in advertising revenue. 


These newspapers were created with assistance from editorial teams. 

Fact sheets

At Saint Louis University's College for Public Health & Social Justice, I created one page, front and back, fact sheets for 16 academic programs. These fact sheets are used to inform prospective students about the value of these degree programs. 


These sheets provide the college with a cost effective way to inform prospespective students about these programs. As a front and back pdf file, these sheets can be easily downloaded from a website, sent as an e-mail attachment or printed out in the office. 


I wrote the content, selected the photos and designed these fact sheets using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. 

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