about me


One of the most rewarding aspects of being a marketing and communication professional is being able to share stories and engage a community through multiple media platforms.


My education and experience has allowed me to better understand the changing nature of the media industry and its impacts on our information consumption. 


I have been interested in the field of communication since I wrote my first news article for the high school newspaper my sophomore year. I developed my niche in digital marketing while developing a new website and social media presence at Saint Louis University. 


When I'm not thinking of creating or analyzing media, I'm cheering on the Cardinals, Blues and Billikens, spending time with my family and friends, traveling or watching action/superhero movies.


Some other interesting facts about me:

  • I organize my movie collection by D.C. Comics or Marvel movies rather than alphabetical order. 

  • I actually do know what a Billiken is, so feel free to ask me. 

  • I was also an environmental studies major in undergrad so I can hold my own in a conversation about alternative energy and environmental impact.